Located a short distance from Nairobi, the Laikipia area is one of Kenya’s best kept secrets. It’s second only to Tsavo in size and hosts high concentrations of the Big 5 and other wildlife species, including half of Kenya’s black rhinos and Kenya’s second largest population of elephants, after Tsavo.
Laikipia is a wonderfully successful example of how local communities and private enterprise can conserve wilderness and host a thriving tourism industry. Visitors enjoy privileged access to the cultures and customs of the region’s Mukogodo Maasai, Samburu, Pokot and other peoples

Because Laikipia is not a national park, otherwise prohibited activities such as night game drives, guided nature walks, bike tours, horse-riding and camel treks are possible. There are many privately and communally-owned properties in the Laikipia area, each offering a tailored experience in this biodiverse wonderland.

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