Kibale National Park

Kibale is a chimpanzee trekking haven, and a popular destination for those looking for close encounters with our closest non-human relatives (chimpanzees share 98.7% of our DNA).

Kibale boasts three habituated chimpanzee groups, and the guides and trackers are experts at finding these fast-moving intelligent great apes as they move through the forest foraging and socialising. Note though that sightings are never guaranteed and you may need a few treks before you get a really excellent chimp encounter. Read this informative article about chimpanzees.

Bird-watching is also very rewarding (no fewer than 325 species) and if you are lucky you might see forest elephants, buffalos, giant forest hogs and even leopards, in addition to several primate species such as L’Hoests and red colobus monkeys.

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Travel diary and video: Searching for the green-breasted pitta in Kibale National Park

Chimpanzee at Kibale, Uganda. © Chris Renshaw
“The intensity of a troop of chimpanzees is hard to explain. They appear and disappear magically, but the sounds and the palpable strength of the troop can be felt. This was one of the first adults that we saw. He looked back at me with a curious, but unfazed look in his eyes.” – Chris Renshaw. Kibale National Park. For more amazing images of Uganda see this photo gallery. © Chris Renshaw

Mabamba Swamp and Kibale National Park, Uganda

4 nights / 5 days (depending on departing flights)

1 - 6 guests


Gorilla and chimp trekking

indication price US$ 1,500 per person sharing