Oldupai Gorge

Ever wondered where it all started, for us humans? Well if you have, a fascinating visit to the birthplace of all humankind will certainly be a high point of your Tanzanian safari.
Oldupai (Olduvai) Gorge, a stone’s throw from the Serengeti and Ngororgoro Crater, is where discovery was made of the earliest known specimens of the human genus.
Research pioneered by the Leakey family in the 1950s and continued by them and others today, has led to a greater understanding of human developmental and social evolution, demonstrated by amongst other things the use of stone tools, and has resulted in Oldupai Gorge being considered one of the most important prehistoric sites in the world.
Include a day visit to Oldupai Gorge in your wildlife safari to add extra dimension and meaning to your vacation, for that inspirational memory you will ponder over and treasure for many years.

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