Mahale Mountains National Park is arguably the most remote and inaccessible of Tanzania’s parks. It’s also probably the most rewarding – the mecca for superb wild chimpanzee encounters and a fantastic lakeside beach experience – offering snorkeling, fishing and boating.
The setting for your Mahale chimp encounter is quite simply spectacular, with steep forested mountain slopes tumbling down to the sandy white beaches of Lake Tanganyika – Africa’s largest lake and the second largest freshwater lake in the world.
Some of the approximately 900 chimps that call this paradise home have been habituated to human presence due to a long running research project conducted by a Japanese primate research team. The result is the most natural, most thrilling wild chimpanzee experience in the world. Read this informative article about chimpanzees.
Although Mahale is the only place in the world to host both wild chimps and lions, you are unlikely to see them together, as the lions occur in remote pockets of savannah.

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