Why travel to Namibia?

Namibia’s big skies and dramatic arid scenery make it a repeat destination for experienced travellers, and its low human population and extremely successful wildlife conservation strategy makes Namibia safaris some of the best in Africa.

Expect landscapes offering diversity and contrasts, vast wilderness areas and fascinating wildlife oddities such as desert-adapted lions, rhinos and elephants. Also expect to want to come back – again and again.

Namibia is an ideal self-drive destination thanks to good signage and an excellent network of mostly dirt roads (note that some remote roads are poorly maintained). However, charter flights are still the best way to cover the vast distances for those with time constraints.

Top destinations for a Namibia tour are the game-rich Etosha National Park for classic game viewing and good predator sightings, Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert to see the photogenic, towering red sand dunes, Damaraland for encounters with unique desert-adapted wildlife, Kaokoveld to meet the famous Himba people, and the coastal playground of Swakopmund for adventure activities. The capital city of Windhoek is tidy, modern and also worth a night or two.

When to go to Namibia?

Namibia is a great year-round travel destination, although the peak season from June to October is most popular – largely due to this being the usual best time for game viewing, when wildlife congregates at or near reliable water sources.

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Where to go in Namibia?

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