Beaches & Islands

Lamu Island off the north coast is Kenya’s oldest living settlement, having historically been a trading post since the 1500’s for all sorts of goods – including spices, mangrove poles, ivory, rhino horn and slaves until the slave trade was abolished in 1907.
Surrounded by a rich marine life, warm turquoise water and white sandy beaches, today the island is a thriving tourism destination.

Malindi and Watamu are small coastal towns amidst a number of idyllic tropical beaches along Kenya’s south coast. Diving and snorkeling are popular activities, as are chilling on the beach and trying out the local cuisine.
The nearby Arabuko Sokoke Forest reserve offers rare endemic birds and mammals (and elephants) and also the lost town of Gedi, a deserted trading Swahili town hidden deep in the forests, whose winding passages and crumbling walls tell of a mysterious past.

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