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Why Tanzania?

Tanzania is Africa’s safari diversity hotspot, and connoisseurs keep coming back year after year, each time discovering more delights. You could spend the rest of your safaris in Tanzania and never ruin out of options!

The bucket list Great Wildebeest Migration spends more time in Tanzania’s Serengeti than in Kenya’s Maasai Mara (indeed Serengeti is many times the size of the Maasai Mara), and if you’re looking for something more off the beaten track, how about the best chimp viewing on the planet at Mahale, the vast Selous, extremely remote Katavi or the less visited Ruaha, Tarangire and Manyara reserves? Kilimanjaro is an iconic snowy peak, famously viewed from many parts of both Kenya and Tanzania and Ngorogoro Crater offers a unique slant on game viewing – inside a volcano crater. And of course, after your safari what could be better than a spot of tropical island bliss on the Spice Islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia? Never forget of course that for humans it all began in the fascinating Oldupai area. So, whether you after bush, beach or culture, Tanzania has it all in spades.

Or even be a bit more adventurous and speak to us about adding to your Tanzanian safari a gorilla trek in nearby Uganda / Rwanda or a hop across the border to Kenya for more safari options.

Accommodation in Tanzania ranges from luxury lodges to city hotels, historic guesthouses, mobile safari camping and just about everything in-between.

When to go to Tanzania?

Tanzania lies close to the equator and so temperatures are fairly constant, and rainfall is the main seasonal variant. The diversity of altitude and habitats means that climate does vary across the country. Temperatures and rainfall peak during the short rainy season of March to May.

The coastal areas are hot and humid throughout the year, with coastal breezes cooling temperatures somewhat.

Largely though, Tanzania is a year-round safari and beach destination.

Safaris in the area

Where to go in Tanzania?

Sometimes it’s easier to picture Tanzania as 4 safari circuits

1. The Northern Circuit – Serengeti, Ngorogoro Crater, Oldupai Gorge, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Kilimanjaro – best accessed via the town of Arusha
2. The Southern Circuit – Selous and Ruaha – best accessed via Dar es Salaam
3. The Western Circuit – Katavi and Mahale – extremely remote, for the intrepid traveller
4. The Eastern Circuit – the Spice Islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia – for tropical island vibes