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Why Kenya?

Kenya has safari in its genes – it really does offer that quintessential nostalgic African safari made famous in movies like Out of Africa and Born Free, and is a repeat destination for many experienced travellers. Some say that safari was invented in Kenya, and this claim is backed up by the high service standards and wide range of accommodation options.

Aside from the extraordinary annual migration of wildebeest and zebras as they roam the vast Maasai Mara and Serengeti ecosystem in search of fresh grazing, Kenya also offers an impressive array of other wildlife encounters, coastal breaks and cultural experiences.

Add spice to your Kenyan safari with the huge elephant bulls and that iconic Mount Kilimanjaro backdrop of Amboseli, visit Elsa the Lioness’ former home range at Samburu and come face-to-face with hippos in crystal-clear water from the safety of an underwater glass chamber in Tsavo. See how a vast game-rich wilderness is conserved via community tourism at Laikipia, chill on the tropical beaches of Lamu, Malindi and Watamu or get stuck into the rich and vibrant urban delights of Nairobi.

Or even be a bit more adventurous and speak to us about adding to your Kenyan safari a gorilla trek in nearby Uganda / Rwanda or a hop across the border to Tanzania for more safari options.

Accommodation in Kenya ranges from luxury lodges to stately colonial-era homes and hotels, mobile safari camping and just about everything in-between.

When to go to Kenya?

Kenya lies close to the equator and so temperatures are fairly constant, and rainfall is the main seasonal variant. The diversity of altitude and habitats means that climate does vary across the country. Largely though, Kenya is a year-round safari and beach destination.

The best game-viewing period is the dry season of June to October, and the peak of the Maasai Mara portion of the annual wildebeest migration happens during that period as well.

Short rains between November and December cause wildlife to start dispersing and the worst game-viewing period is during the peak rain season of March to May.

The coastal areas are hot and humid throughout the year, but temperatures and rainfall peak during the short rainy season of March to May.

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